Save money on healthcare.

Available to everyone.

Works with or without insurance.

Teladoc 24/7 access to a doctor.

Quality healthcare starts with quality doctors.

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Uncomplicated. The way healthcare should be.

Affordable and available to everyone.

Works with or without insurance.

Use Tel-Med Benefits on the go

Quality healthcare starts with quality doctors.

Race Face Tel-Med

Healthcare should be simple, fast and uncomplicated. Race Face Tel-Med makes it easy to visit a doctor online in minutes, without ever leaving your home, your job, or wherever you are.  We are all about helping people save money and receiving great value at the same time.  You can even get a prescription called into your local pharmacy, if medically needed. The Race Face Tel-Med program and it's friendly, board-certified doctors are enhancing access to quality healthcare in real-time through our mobile app, online and by phone. Our doctors have an average of 15 years of experience. They are professionally trained to use telehealth technology to treat many non-life-threatening conditions remotely. See for yourself how easy and convenient it is to get quality, affordable care. Watch the video to your left to learn more about Race Face Tel-Med.

Race Face Tel-Med Plans provide savings in multiple ways for our members.
Whether you have insurance or not, these discount benefits can save you time and money!

Easy Access to our Network of National Providers


Get Your FREE RX Card!

On the Spot Savings Discount Prescription Card!

10% to 85% savings on all prescription drugs

Fulfill your prescription at our 60,000 national,
regional, and local pharmacies

No age or medical restrictions

Includes all immediate family members

What people are saying about Race Face Tel-Med


Tampa, FL

I had to have three teeth pulled by my dentist and wanted to be sedated for the procedure, when I went to pay my bill I almost forgot about my Benefits Card. When I ask the Nurse, do you take this and handed her my card, she replied yes, it’s Aetna Dental and took $730 off my bill.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic!



I used Teladoc when I was so sick that I didn’t even feel like going to the doctor, I talked to the nurse and within 10 minutes the doctor called me back and sent a Z-Pack to my local Pharmacy. I sent my husband to pick it up and never had to leave the house.


Atlanta, GA

I have great Insurance but there are times that I use my Benefits Card because the saving is greater, but most of all I have peace of mind knowing that I have a doctor available no matter where I am traveling.


Falcon, CO

We have young boys that race all over the country and there are times where they have had ear infections or coming down with a cold and it’s nice to know we can talk to a doctor and get a prescription if necessary. I’ve personally been out of town and had a severe sinus infection and ear infections and had to try to get someone back home to call in a prescription it’s always a struggle. The benefits of being away from home are tremendous!



Not available to Vt, UT, WA or KS residents